SCH 100 Pack Sawtooth Canvas and Frame Hanger 21 x 38mm o/a

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SCH 100
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Sawtooth Canvas and Frame Hanger 100 pack
Hanging a picture frame? The PictureHangers Sawtooth Hanger takes Sawtooths to a different level of ease of installation. Not only can you hang your art quickly and efficiently, but it will be perfectly level and secure. The Sawtooth Hanger is a simple, quick way to hang framed art, framed canvas art, small paintings or accomplish generalized picture hanging with that professional looking touch.

The PictureHangers Sawtooth Hanger helps you hang framed canvas, framed paper or any type of wall decor with a wood frame. Toss the picture hooks, PictureHangers has the hangers you want, and need.
How your art looks to the world matters and PictureHangers makes your art look great!
21 x 38mm o/a.the flat section that fits under the frame rebate is 3.5mm wide.
Screws included.