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Picture Wire - Cord

Framers Picture Wire - Cord, crimping sleeves

PH2004 Basic Crimping Tool
BRW4 BRW4 wire 20 strands 86 pounds 39kg max 850 ft. 225 meters
PH2004 Crimping Tool
PH584 PH584 Low-Stretch Cord No. 1 89kg 100m
PH1106 Low-Stretch Cord No. 1 89kg 500m
PH5712 Kwik-Wire 0.86mm o/d (23kg) 100m SILVER
PH5722 PH5722 Braided Stainless Wire 0.83mm o/d (14kg) 191m SILVER
Kwik Wire PH5713 Kwik-Wire 0.86mm o/d (23kg) 304m SILVER
PH5714 PH5714 Kwik-Wire 1.27mm o/d (45kg) 100m SILVER Clear Plasic Coating
Picture Perfect Wire and Cord Locator PPWL
PH5733 PH5723 Braided Stainless Wire 0.9mm o/d (19kg) 168m SILVER
PH5733 PH5724 Braided Stainless Wire 1.25mm o/d (24kg) 142m SILVER
PH5732 PH5732 Soft Stainless Plastic Coated Wire1.25mm o/d (14kg) 252m SILVER
PH5733 PH5733 Soft Stainless Plastic Coated Wire1.9mm o/d (19kg) 152m SILVER
PH5734 PH5734 Soft Stainless Plastic Coated Wire2.1mm o/d (24kg) 84m SILVER
PH5737 PH5737 Crimping Sleeves 2.13mm 100 pack
PH5737B PH5737 Crimping Sleeves 2.13mm 500 pack
PH5738 PH5738 Crimping Sleeves 3.2mm 100 pack
SU20T SU 20T