Ceiling Hangers

Introducing a revolution in ceiling hanging.

The Elephant Hook is the simplest ceiling hook ever made, the fastest to install, and it swivels and locks.

The Elephant Hook will install into a stud or anchor. It uses the Hangman double-headed Bear Claw wood screw, or the new double-headed machine screw for anchors.

The Elephant Hook can be used indoors or outdoors, into drywall, plaster, or rafters.

The Elephant Hook requires only two steps for installation.

Install the screw or bolt, click and lock the Elephant Hook, done.

The Elephant Hook will swivel, but locks under tension.

It is easy to remove and holds up to 100 pounds 45kg in wood, and 20 pounds 9kg in drywall.

Available in Nickel, Bronze, or White finish.

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