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BCK Gold Bear Claw Double Headed Screw Hanger 25 pack

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Pack of 25 gold colour finish.

You have the D-Rings and the picture wire on the frame.

Now you have to catch the D-Rings on those little nails or hooks hanging on the wall.

Isn't that a lot of fun? Even less fun when the nail or hook falls out of the wall and you have to explain why the picture fell.

Should hanging a picture frame be this hard? With the PictureHangers Bear Claw Hanger those bad, old days are over.

This unique, double-headed screw is designed specifically to work with keyholes, D-rings, sawtooth hangers or wire for simple mirror and picture hanging solutions. It features a self drilling tip for studs and works beautifully in drywall.

The Bear Claw Hanger is strong enough to hold 14kg in drywall and up to 45kg when installed into a wood stud.

When D-Rings, Wire or Sawtooths are used the Bear Claw Hanger is always hidden from view.

The Hangman Bear-Claw Hanger comes in one inch BCK

The BCK has a larger inside head and a smaller outside head and is yellow zinc in color.

The shaft connecting the two heads is 3.5mm dia and 5mm long, the first head is 9.38mm and the second 7.4mm, distance between heads is 5mm

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Key Points:

  • Self locating anchorless screw 25mm long
  • No pilot hole required
  • Penetrates studs with a handheld screwdriver
  • Self-tapping tip for easy starting in drywall
  • Replaces nails on picture hangers
  • Can hold up to 45kg
  • It simplifies picture hanging.

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