AH3 Hanger for Aluminium Frames 50 pack

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AH3 Hanger for Aluminium Frames 50 pack

Hanger - suitable for most aluminium frame profiles.

Fits easily into the channel of most double-plate aluminium frame profiles. Adjusted with two screws.

Fit AH3 Hangers in 4 simple steps: 

1)  Slot 2 AH3 Hangers into the aluminium frame. Position and mark approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top.

     Put one screw in an oval hole of each hanger.

2) Position and fix the hooks, place two Post-its in approximate hook positions.

   Check and mark hook positions on Post-its. Hold hook in position on mark.

   Use a light hammer to insert pins.

3) Hang frame in place on the hooks and check for general position.

   To adjust for level, use screw in a slot.

   To lock CWH Hangers in position, insert second screw in each.

4) Frames will hang flat and level on the wall - do not tip forward.

Safe working load 11kg

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